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Adelaide has always been home to world-leading creatives and innovators, and ACOM is committed to telling our unique and inspiring stories.

Targeted policies and initiatives to support this creative potential and align with a generational drive from practitioners to harness new technologies and develop new tools and services, have led to a flourishing community of developers and new music businesses. 

SAMii represents an exciting and dynamic part of Adelaide’s music ecosystem, and ACOM is proud to play a part in supporting this sector’s growth and development.

The Adelaide City of Music office is committed to all aspects of Adelaide’s music culture and actively facilitates conversations surrounding Education, Health, and Technology. ACOM is a member of the Music Education Roundtable and is working with DEM MOB to help develop an education platform for remote and disadvantaged communities. ACOM is also building closer links with Sweden’s music technology sector through our Music Cities Network. 


Words by Pete Barter

Adelaide, the vibrant heart of music in Australia, is no stranger to innovation. Among its latest achievements is the introduction of SAMii, a groundbreaking platform designed and owned by Adelaide’s Music education scene professionals and culture transformation leaders.

This technological marvel is setting new standards in the music education sector by simplifying payment processes for music educators, students, and their parents.

SAMii harnesses the power of automated payment technologies to deliver an unprecedented level of clarity and efficiency. Music educators, who have long grappled with the administrative hassles of calculating, issuing, and chasing invoices, can now breathe a sigh of relief. SAMii’s system ensures educators are paid weekly without fail, eliminating the uncertainty and tedium of traditional payment methods.

This innovation is a game-changer, enabling educators to focus on what they do best: nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. By reducing administrative burdens, SAMii not only enhances the operational aspects of music education but also enriches the educational experience for students. The clarity and reliability of the payment system mean that educators can allocate more resources and attention to developing the skills and potentials of their students.

Adelaide’s commitment to celebrating and elevating music is well-known. As one of the few cities globally that holds music in such high regard, the integration of SAMii into this cultural fabric is a strategic, not to mention much needed move. The platform not only supports the current generation of music educators but also ensures a robust framework for nurturing future talents. These aspiring performers are the ones who will continue to enliven Adelaide’s venues and maintain the city’s reputation as a hub of musical excellence.

The vision of SAMii is not just operational but aspirational. Poised to join the ranks of other unicorn companies from Adelaide, SAMii represents a significant leap forward in how music education is managed and perceived. It reflects a broader ambition to innovate and excel, characteristics that are emblematic of Adelaide’s entrepreneurial spirit.

SAMii’s role extends beyond administrative convenience; it is a crucial support system for the music community. By ensuring that educators are compensated fairly and punctually, SAMii fosters a nurturing environment where teachers and students alike can thrive. This supportive atmosphere is vital for cultivating the next wave of musical talent essential for the sustained success of Adelaide’s music scene.

Ultimately, SAMii is not just a platform but a movement towards a more efficient and inspiring music education landscape. Its alignment with Adelaide’s prestigious status as a City of Music enhances its mission to nurture the educators who, in turn, nurture the future stars of the music world.

As SAMii continues to evolve, it promises to bring more innovation and clarity to the sector, ensuring that Adelaide remains at the forefront of global music education.”

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