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Adelaide City of Music exists because of the hard work and commitment and enthusiasm of its musicians, music organisations, and institutions. Drawing on strong music foundations, Adelaide is home to world leading artists and expertise. ACOM is committed to celebrating these outstanding individuals and the joy they gift our city across the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

ACOM welcomes you to come Meet the Music and help us celebrate the people who make up our fantastic City of Music.

Adelaide City of Music supports and celebrates the ambition of young South Australians who forge their own music career pathways at home and abroad, or in the case of Charlotte Sterenberg, in Valencia, Spain. Charlotte’s love for music is broad and has included an internship at MusicSA, admin and volunteer work at Girls Rock! Adelaide as well as appointment as board member on The Push’s Board of Management, an organisation that strives to include more young people in the Australian music industry.

Charlotte is one of the few Australians and the first from Adelaide, enrolled in the Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business (GEMB) program at Berklee College of Music’s Valencia campus. Charlotte aims to leverage her global education to catalyse change within the Australian music industry and capitalise on international opportunities.

After earning an honour’s degree in Musicology from the University of Adelaide, Charlotte made the decision to embark on a global career trajectory. Faced with challenges securing entry-level positions within Adelaide’s music sector and disheartened by misconceptions about the relevance of musicology in business, Charlotte was told that she needed more practical experience. After reviewing her options and with such opportunities elusive in South Australia, Charlotte applied for the GEMB program and was accepted for the 2023/24 intake. This marked a pivotal move toward bridging her musicological expertise with practical business acumen.

Approaching the end of her first semester, Charlotte has encountered a plethora of unique opportunities at Berklee. Engaging with industry luminaries as guest speakers—ranging from Ed Sheeran’s booking agent to innovative entertainment lawyers working in the AI sector—has expanded her insights into various facets of the dynamic and expansive international music business. Attending events like the Future Music Forum in Barcelona has further enriched her understanding of the global music landscape.

UNESCO Adelaide City of Music (ACOM) first met Charlotte when she was preparing to leave for Spain and was exploring funding or scholarship opportunities. Unable to help her locate appropriate scholarships or financial support, Adelaide City of Music instead looked to open doors through its international networks and introduced Charlotte to music industry colleagues in Spain.

Despite the initial adjustment period, Charlotte has developed a profound appreciation for Spain’s culture while immersing herself in the vibrant community at Berklee. Sharing her passion for Australian music with peers from diverse backgrounds has fostered an abundant exchange of musical experiences and cultural insights.

Charlotte’s journey at Berklee has empowered her to amalgamate her musicological expertise with a nuanced understanding of the music industry. Armed with this unique blend of skills and knowledge, she aspires to make a significant impact on Australia’s music scene. Her dedication to celebrating Australia’s musical richness and expanding Adelaide’s global presence fuels her determination to inspire and contribute positively to her hometown’s musical legacy.

Entering the final months of Berklee and Valencia experience, Charlotte eagerly anticipates further learning and endeavours to become a catalyst for change, fostering a more celebrated Australian music industry on the global stage.

Through extensive engagement UNESCO Adelaide City of Music works to identify and support the aspirations of South Australian artists, music organisations and institutions and to promote our music culture across the UNESCO Creative City Network and beyond. Although not a funding body, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network provides unique pathways for those looking to build networks and explore international opportunities.  For more information or to share insight, please follow us on social media or attend one of our regular events.

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