Photo by: Dr Oliver Fartach-Naini



In July 2023, Dr. Oliver Fartach-Naini, Associate Director & Senior Lecturer in guitar and pedagogy at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide, accompanied ten of his talented students to perform at the prestigious Daegu International Guitar Festival. Their performance at the festival was even more special due to the inclusion of a magnificent new piece composed by Adelaide’s own Anne Cawrse, dedicated to the Elder Conservatorium Guitar Ensemble and a world premiere. While in Korea, they also played at a gala concert in Sejong and a concert at the Tongyeong International Music Foundation.

In the spirit of collaboration and connection, Adelaide City of Music introduced Dr. Fartach-Naini, a highly accomplished artist in his own right, and his students to Inkie Kim, Director of International Cultural Cooperation from Daegu Metropolitan City. We believed this introduction would further strengthen the relationship between Daegu and Adelaide and pave the way for exciting future opportunities and a musical relationship for both cities.

Adelaide City of Music draws boundless inspiration from music professionals such as Dr. Oliver Fartach-Naini. As both educators and musicians, figures like Dr. Naini hold the key to deepening students’ engagement with music and unlocking international opportunities. Educators commitment to excellence not only shapes the musical journeys of their students but also serves as a catalyst for cross-cultural exchange and understanding. Dr. Naini’s regular participation at the Daegu International Guitar Festival stands as a testament to the transformative impact of music education.  As we celebrate Dr.  Fartach Naini’s achievements, we reiterate our steadfast support for music educators who tirelessly champion the arts, enriching our communities and fostering a brighter, more harmonious world through their invaluable contributions.

Adelaide City of Music is facilitating more opportunities between Daegu City of Music and the Elder Conservatorium of Music and looks forward to new announcements in 2024.

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